Five Essential Components to Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is an old form of photography that is experiencing a rebirth. Historically thought as racy, this type of photography had taken a new form and is now seen as a classy way to surprise the one you love on a special occasion like a wedding. Boudoir photography should highlight the subject's sexiness and sensuality in a tasteful manner.

Number of Subjects

Determine how many subjects will be in the photographs (some people will want to have a session with their significant other or with some girlfriends). Emphasize what you are comfortable with photographing with them so there is no confusion on the day of the session.


The next thing you will want to do is have your subject(s) decide upon a theme. Do they want to stick with fashion inspired or just lingerie? They might want to do a photo session inspired by a businessman, firefighter or police officer. If they are having a hard time deciding help them by giving them some ideas of outfits and poses that you would suggest for each pose.


After a theme has been chosen start helping them decide what types of outfits they should bring and how many changes of clothes they should bring.


Where are you going to have the shoot? You could have it at your studio, the subject's home or a hotel. Where ever you decide to have the shoot make sure the subject will be comfortable there or the pictures will not turn out well.


A boudoir session is a big step for some people and you want to be sure that their privacy is respected. Make sure to emphasize this to them in the consultation session so they will feel comfortable during the session.