Finding a Freelance Graphic Designer Online

It is much easier to find a freelance graphic designer online than it is to find a freelance graphic designer in person. There are companies out there that allow freelance graphic designers to post profiles that you can view. When you are hiring a freelance graphic designer online, always ask for a portfolio and a list of references. Get everything in writing and have a contract signed by all involved parties to protect yourself.

Project 4 Hire

Project 4 Hire allows you to post a graphic design job that you need completed for free on their website. Once your job is posted, freelance graphic designers are able to bid on the job. To ensure that you are hiring a competent professional, you should look for certified contractors at Project 4 Hire.


With Elance, you will need to browse the profiles of various freelance graphic designers and choose the designer that you are comfortable with. To ensure that your graphic design job is being completed to your standards, Elance allows you to view your job progress in their workroom. You can read reviews and look at the job history of the freelance graphic designers that have profiles posted on Elance.


Freelancer is very similar to Project 4 Hire. You post a graphic design job and various freelance graphic designers will bid on your job. You can review the bids and ask questions to the freelance graphic designers that are doing the bidding. It is your decision which bid you select, which gives you the freedom to hire a freelance graphic designer that you are comfortable with.