Final Cut Pro Titles: How To Create and Add a Title Clip

With Final Cut Pro, you are able to create and add titles. Titles can be used for many purposes, including displaying times and dates within the movie and, of course, serving as opening and closing credits. Text generators allow you to create title clips in Final Cut Pro.

Step 1: Accessing the Text Generator

To begin creating a title clip, you will first need to select a text generator. This can be done by opening the Viewer and clicking on either the Audio or Video tab. When the Generator pop-up menu appears, select the text generator that you wish to use. After the text generator has been selected, you will need to click on the Controls tab.

Step 2: Using the Controls Tab

When you open the Controls tab, you will see a Text field. In this field, you will enter the text that you want to appear within your movie. From the Controls tab, you are also able to customize various settings. These settings include font, size, font color, alignment, origin, tracking, leading, aspect, auto kerning and subpixel. Once you have edited the settings, you will be ready to add the title clip to your movie.

By clicking on the font field, a menu will appear that will allow you to choose from many different fonts. Below the font field is the font size slider. All you have to do is move the slider to the left or the right to decrease or increase the size of your font. The style field is below the font size slider. This field allows you to choose between different font styles, such as bold and italics. You can change the font color by doing a few different things. By clicking on the eyedropper icon, you will be able to click on any image that is located within the Viewer or Canvas and that specific color will be applied to your font. If you click on the triangle icon, sliders will appear that will allow you to navigate the brightness, hue and saturation of the available colors. You can also select the color picker, which will display standard fonts.

Below all of the font fields is the origin field. This field will determine where your text will appear on the screen. The tracking field allows you to adjust how much space is in between your letters. The aspect ratio is similar to the 4:3 or 16:9 image aspect ratios. You are able to adjust the ratio of letter height to letter width. If you have used the tracking field, you can also use auto kerning, which ensures that the spacing between your letters is correct.

Step 3: Adding the Title Clip

Now that you have created your title clip, you are ready to add it to your movie. To do this, open your sequence in the Timeline and set your destination track. You will then need to add In and Out points. Once the In and Out points are set, open the Viewer and click on the Video tab. The title clip that you created will be in the Viewer. Drag that title clip to the Canvas or Timeline to add the clip to your movie.

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