Final Cut Express: Keyframing

Keyframing allows you to alter the appearance of the video by adding special effects, and Final Cut Express is one way in which you can use this type of software program. Final Cut Express allows you to cut the parts of the video while it is playing, using keyframes. Whether you want the frame to be bigger or smaller, to move from side to side or even skip across the page, then you can mange this in Final Cut Express using this method. If you have not used this program before, then you may be rather unsure of what to do in order to get these effects. You can learn some basic keyframing skills by following a few simple rules.

Materials Needed

  • Final Cut Express
  • Computer
  • Video File

Step 1: Opening Your File

You will need to have a suitable video media filed saved to your Desktop. Make sure that it is in a convenient location, and you have named it in a way that allows you to clearly identify it without looking at the pictures. Open up Final Cut Express, and choose the edit function. You should then be able to pick your video file from among those offered, and have the timeline appear in the File Cut window.

Step 2: Fading Using Keyframes

Begin by a simple move, such as keyframing a fade. Enlarge the keyframe so that you can see all of the parts. Take your overlay line, which is one of the horizontal lines running through the center of the timeframe, and make it more opaque. Clip your pen tool to the overlay line, and then click upon it to place the first keyframe. Take the pen a little bit further down the line, and make a second keyframe in the same way. Return to the first keyframe, and use this to turn the opacity right down. As the video plays, the first keyframe will ask it to make the frames opaque, and the second one will turn the opacity back to the starting point.

Step 3: Scaling the Video

If you want to scale the video frame so that it moves up and down in size, then you will need to add some more keyframes. Go to the Canvas window of your Final Cut Express, and click upon the Image Wireframe. Place the clip onto the timepline, and use the handles at the side of the frame to move the picture inwards or outwards. This will affect the size. Click onto the keyframe button, and wait until the edge of the picture turns green. A green edge means that you have a saved keyframe. Take a second clip, and make sure that the video is enlarged again.

The Final Cut Express should automatically save this keyframe, so it should turn green without any prompting from you. Save these altered images in your file, and then play the movie to see how it looks.

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