Fashion Photography Internships: What to Look For

Students looking to get into the world of fashion photography should look for an internship to gain a full understanding of their field and future. Though often unpaid, an internship is a powerful tool of preparation for any career choice and should be taken seriously by the intern as well as the firm hosting the individual. At the beginning of a fashion career, it will be beneficial for a new photographer to surround themselves with as much knowledge and experience as they can retain. An internship is most often a springboard into professionalism and the first opportunity for an individual to show their potential creatively and intellectually. Choosing an organization to serve as an intern should be examined with a serious mind. There are big differences between interns who are hired as fresh additions to a team and those who fetch coffee and deliver dry cleaning. There are two essential components within any organization to insure an internship will be beneficial and memorable.


A good fashion photography company is known not only by good work, but also by reputation. Most often they will be sought after by agencies, well known models, and highly reputable designers. They reached this point by taking their clients and projects very seriously. These are the individuals who should be approached about potential internship positions. It is very unlikely that a photography company will be hired consistently if their organization is not managed properly.

Cross reference each firm offering internships, check there client list and their calendar. Make sure they are retaining their client list and have a constant flow of projects. This is a good sign that the firm is on solid ground and has a good reputation. Working with a reputable firm or photographer will insure that the potential intern establishes important contacts early in their career. Many of their clients may consider hiring an individual in the future based specifically on the observations of the internship period.


Some photography firms will work in multiple genres and show no prejudice when choosing potential clientele. This is an important factor when choosing an internship in any industry but should be a larger consideration for a fashion photography intern. It is crucial to make certain the organization's primary target is on the fashion industry. If a firm specializes in corporate portraits or architectural photography it is less likely that much time is needed to assist with fashion sessions for a clothing designer. Focus on an internship less as a job and more as a learning experience. Mastering the craft of fashion photography is only possible through continued exposure to those dedicated to that discipline. The student is only as strong as their teacher. 

An internship can be the most rewarding and memorable experience in the life of a future professional. It can also be a stressful time if the wrong choices are made. Research and information are the most powerful tools when building a career. Making an educated choice during this most impressionable time may guarantee a rewarding, exciting path into the fashion industry.

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