Family Portrait Photography: 3 Tips for Choosing a Quality Photographer

When it comes to family portrait photography, it is important to have a very clear idea of exactly what you want from your photographer. Family portraits not only provide memories for you, but they are likely to be passed onto future generations. It is therefore very important to find a photographer that you trust and feel comfortable with. Here are some tips to help you choose a photographer that will best suit your family's needs.

1. Ask Family and Friends

Personal references from people you trust are an excellent resource for finding a studio that will produce quality family portraits. Your family and friends can give you personal accounts of their experiences. Even more importantly, they will give you a great idea of how easy the photographer is to work with.

2. Study Portfolios

The photography studio should have a portfolio available in their studio for you to look through. Many studios now have portfolios online, as well. The portfolio should give you an idea of the style and quality of the photographer. Look through it carefully. Note the postures of the people in the pictures. Do their positions look relaxed or forced? Did the photographer capture the character or emotion of the people involved? Do you like the lighting and the style used in the portfolio?

3. Interview the Photographer

This interview will give you a very good idea of whether or not you and your family will feel comfortable with the photographer. You can also use this time to discuss clothing, location and pricing. You should also find exactly what services are available, such as printing, framing or CDs of the shoot.

Finding a family portrait photographer that you feel comfortable with may seem like a daunting task initially. However, a little preparation will help you to choose one that will provide portraits that will be both memorable and enjoyable.