Exploring the Canvas On Demand Options

Canvas On Demand is a good website for turning your photos into stunning canvas prints. You just need to upload your photo and choose from the various options that are on offer. Let us now see what these options are.

Wraps and Frames

You have the option of getting your canvas print wrapped around wooden frames of varying thickness if you do not prefer to house the print in a frame. If you happen to like frames then Canvas On Demand also has a range of frames in standard black, wood designer frames and floating frames.

Pixel Painting

Canvas On Demand gives you the option of changing your photo to look like a painted picture. The artists use a special stylus and tablet to apply brush strokes with hand, which transforms the photo to look like an oil painting.

Enhancing, Retouching and Restoring

Your images are enhanced by adjusting the color saturation, brightness and contrast levels, so that they look stunning on canvas. The website also provides services for retouching and restoring old photos.

Sepia or Black and White Conversion

To create a rich or sharp looking canvas print, your photos can be converted to Sepia or black and white prints.

Change Background

If you hate the background in your photos, Canvas On Demand gives you the option of changing the background to blue, neutral, or gray colors and also one with an American flag.

Collage and Grouping

A special occasion or an event demands more than one photo to tell the whole story and hence Canvas On Demand can also create a collage of your photos on canvas. If you have a spectacular shot and would like to split the photo and make a grouping of the same image on the canvas, then that too is possible.