DVD Studio Pro: How To Create a Still Image of Your DVD menu

When you use DVD Studio Pro to create DVD compilations of your favorite movies and home videos, you do not have to create them in motion because a still image will do. You may think that making a menu with still images will only make it look inferior, but it does not. If you just use the right techniques, you may actually be able to come up with a layout that looks better than that of an animated menu.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • DVD Studio Pro
  • A still image

Step 1: Design a Still Image

You can have various sources for your still image. First, you can browse through your old pictures and see if any of them will fit as a background. You can also try to make one from scratch. To do this, open Photoshop or you can also use Paint, for basic designs. Do make sure that you use the NTSC DV 720x480 preset when you start a new file.

Step 2: Open DVD Studio Pro

The only way that you can make a DVD menu and then get them copied to a DVD is through the help of the DVD Studio Pro. A new project will open by default once you run the software.

Step 3: Import Photoshop

Bring in your newly made piece of art, the still image, into the DVD Studio Pro. To do this, click on Assets then Import. Find the location of your Photoshop file and click on import.

Step 4: Adding a Menu

First, select and delete the Menu on the Graphical tab and click on "Add Layered Menu" on the toolbar. Select the new menu and look over the controls that will go on display. Next, find the Background drop menu and choose the Photoshop file that you made. Make sure that you check the box with "Background Layer" only and uncheck the rest in the list.

Step 5: Designing the Menu

Play with the designs of your menu by dragging the imported still image files, moving them around or resizing them, whatever you choose to do. Select the button area and wait for the controls on the Menu Editor to be displayed. Click on Layers and choose the layers for each button.

Step 6: Previewing the Menu

To go over your menu, control click and then choose "Simulate Menu". You should see how your menu will appear once it gets incorporated on your DVD file. To make the still image on your menu look even more stunning, you can choose to add assets such as mpeg assets. You can check out more tutorials on using DVD Studio Pro in order to learn about these features.

Do not forget to save your work or, if you want convenience in the future, you can save your project as a template so you can skip the basics should you have other DVD projects in the future.

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