DVD Studio Pro: Creating Styles and Templates for Buttons

If you love to burn copies of your favorite movie or would like to compile all your home videos in a single DVD, perhaps you are already familiar with the convenience that buttons and "home pages" can give with the use of DVD Studio Pro. It makes browsing through all the movies faster and easier - you do not have to push the forward button through all four movies if you want to see the fifth one. However, if you want to make lots of copies, you have to learn to skip the basic parts to get on the burning process right away.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • DVD Studio Pro

Step 1: Define the Shape and Style of Your Button

Think of a good shape for your button that you can use all throughout your DVD project. You may change the button shape, as well as other style and color settings, by viewing the properties of the button. Right-click the button and then choose Create Button Style.

Step 2: Save the Button Style

You do not have to repeat pressing shortcut keys on the keyboard when making each button in the "home page" of your DVD Studio Pro movie compilation. When saving, you have the option to use the style only within the project. If you think you can use it for other projects in the future, choose "Self-Contained" when entering the name of the button style.

Step 3: Making Use Of the Button Style

Bring and drag the button style to the menu you have created and choose from among three options. Choose whether to: Create Button Set Style, which accepts the settings you have just defined; Create Button Set Default Button Style in Menu, where the default style is matched with that of the style you have just made; and Set Default Button Style, which sets the default style without creating the button.

Step 4: Saving the Entire Layout for Later Use

To be able to skip with the basics in your future DVD Studio Pro projects, you can create a template with the use of the menu you have just created. Do this by right clicking on the workspace and choosing Create Template.

Step 5: Open and Use Your New Styles and Templates

The next time you create a menu with the DVD Studio Pro, you have the option to make use of your saved templates. You may edit the names of the buttons depending on what you need or use the entire format. This saves you a lot of time because you can already skip on the most basic phase of creating a DVD.

Step 6: Adding an Mpeg Asset

You can also use your new template in DVD Studio Pro by dragging an mpeg asset into the button that you have made. This will automatically set the asset as well as create a chapter index. This action will also create a new menu, which is based on your template, and therefore uses the same layout, backdrop and button styles.

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