Digital Wedding Photography Advantages

The advantages of digital wedding photography can range from better image resolution, more images, more control and an easier post-production process. Some may argue that digital photography does not capture the reality of the camera's subjects as well as film, but others disagree, stating that digital SLR cameras are more efficient, deliver better shots, eliminate pounds of equipment and reduce the cost of inventory. Other experts would add that digital SLR cameras increase the affordability, accessibility and selection of digital wedding photographs, making digital wedding photography a prime choice for couples who are about to marry.

Professional Looking Pictures For Less

The best thing about digital wedding photography is its affordability and accessibility. Unlike film cameras, which require multiple rolls of expensive film, digital SLR cameras provide consumers with high resolution shots that can be viewed immediately and manipulated more easily than film. Having an SLR camera on-hand can eliminate the need for a professional photographer altogether, and make it possible for budget-conscious couples to put their money--and their worry--elsewhere.

Professional photographers also gain with digital wedding photography. When you use film, you have to carry around multiple rolls and reload frequently. You also have to carry around an excessive amount of equipment, making it more difficult to maneuver crowds and capture priceless moments. Since digital SLR cameras only require a few flash cards and some extra equipment, photographers can be more mobile and efficient during their shoots, capturing more images and elevating potential customer satisfaction.

Higher Image Selection and Better Control of Photograph Inventory

Digital cameras do not require film, which means that photographers can take more images without having to worry about how much they are spending on inventory. The elimination of film also means that photographers can take pictures, see the results of their images, and reshoot if the image is not satisfactory.

The influx in images also means that married couples can choose from a wider selection and create a more customized theme for their wedding. Their Photographer may also give them a CD packed with images, and will keep copies of their wedding pictures in a digital archive in case they want to order extra pictures in the future. Even though photographers can do the same thing with film, the process of digitizing film and retouching photographs is much longer and more cumbersome. Retouching may be necessary, but the digitized process is much shorter and more efficient.

Easier Post-Production Process

Post-production work is also less arduous with digital wedding photography. When done capturing images, all you have to do is load the images from a flashcard, create an archive of them, create a backup of the archive, edit the pictures, show them to your clients, retouch some more and print them. You do not have to worry about overexposure, chemicals or any other environmental elements that can destroy film and erase memories.

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