Digital Photography: Finding a Unique Point of View

By choosing a unique point of view, it should be much easier to take memorable photos which are very special. There are thousands of photographers all competing to sell similar looking photographs. One of the best ways of making your photos stand out from the crowd is to find yourself a unique point of view. The more unique a photo you have, the more likely people will be encouraged to part with their money to buy it.

Getting Up High

Most people will take photos at ground level. A good way of making your photo unique is to get higher up than normal. Try climbing a tree or a staircase and then looking down on your subject. This can create a unique vantage point which creates an interesting photo.

Getting Down Low

Another great way of getting a unique photo is to get down low. You can go down a manhole, underwater or to the bottom of stairs to get another unique view.


You can try to blur the entire photo to create an interesting view. To do this, try moving the camera when you are taking a photo. This will make it unclear but perfect for some photographs.

Focal Lengths

Using different focal lengths will make it possible to create a unique view for the photos. This will emphasize one part of the subject.