Digital Photo Tips for Beginners

There are a number of basic digital photo tips that amateurs should learn when it comes to photography. Digital cameras have a lot of features but require the expertise of the wielder or the photographer to make use of them. It is said that great photographs can be achieved even with using a simple point and shoot. The following are a few tips to begin shooting like a professional.

1. Play with the Manual Settings
It is normal to use the Auto feature in digital cameras. However, there are disadvantages. The default setting for the white balance tends to be closer to the cool side. This means that images have a bluish tint. Adjust the white setting to a warmer setting, increasing the reds and yellow tones which results in richer colors.

2. Use Fill Flash
Control when the flash goes off. When photographing the outdoors or subjects in the shade, use the flash on mode. This provides enough light to illuminate the foreground.

3. Zoom in
Get in as close to the subject as possible and zoom in. The close up or macro mode reveals details which may often be overlooked.

4. Use a Tripod
Shaky hands create blurred images which are difficult to edit even with using photo editors. Use a tripod whenever possible to produce crisp and sharp photos each time.

5. Shoot in High Resolution
Take advantage of the camera’s highest resolution and compression settings. With higher settings, photographers will be able to print out larger photographs. Larger resolutions also allow the photographer to edit the photograph afterward using photo editors.

6. Get an Additional Memory Card
High resolution images can fill up a memory card easily. Purchase at least an additional memory card with 1 GB of storage. This allows the photographer to shoot away without worrying about not having enough space for the next big shot.