Creative Ideas for Framing your Graduation Photos

If you want to make the best from your graduation photos, then you will need to place them in a nice frame. The frame should make the photographs stand out from the rest of the room; you can do this in a number of ways, whether you want to make your picture stand out by decorating it in very loud colors, or by using the natural woods or plastics of the frame to bring out the photograph. There are a few creative ways in which you can frame your graduation photographs:

Use a Plastic Craft Frame

You can find plastic frames which can be painted and decorated in almost any craft shop across the country. These frames will take ordinary artist paints, which can be found in the same location. You could also use some craft clay to make graduation symbols such as a scroll or a cap. These can be stuck to the outside of the frame, and then painted. These plastic frames are durable, and if you cover the material with paints or clay, then you should be able to avoid the appearance of tackiness.

Making a Loud Frame

Using your plastic frame, you should be able to make a loud frame which will really attract the eye. You don't have to be confined to conventional ideas such as solid paint work or even craft clay. You could use multicolored lines of paint, or ones which match the color of the school or collage that you graduated from. You may also choose to use glitter, plastic stickers or even paper shapes to decorate the outside of the frame.

Make a Wood Frame

If you want to use a classic wooden frame for your photos, then there are many available. If you want to highlight your graduation photographs, then making your own frame is probably the best solution. This allows you to pick your own wood, decorate it how you choose, and even decide upon the size and shape of the frame. All of these factors can be important when making your frame.

Making a Subtle Frame

Subtle frames are usually best made using a wooden base, as plastics can look tacky when they are left alone. You should be able to use some sandpaper to strip off the outer edge of the wood, leaving a plain and pale base. Cover with a varnish, and leave to dry before you fit the photograph into the back of the frame.

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