Creating Aerial Maps for Construction Sites

Aerial maps are a great way of seeing things from a different perspective. This makes it possible to see the clear routes through a construction site and how the project is progressing. These aerial photographs are also a wonderful way of showing the public what they can expect and how the building is coming along.

Creating aerial maps for construction sites is actually pretty straight forward. You do, however, need an aerial photography system, which can be expensive.

Step 1: Taking the Photos

First, you need to take the aerial photograph. To do this, you will need to get the camera up in the air somehow. There are a few different ways of doing this, with the most common being using a helicopter or a plane. Renting a helicopter can be expensive, but most construction sites will justify the cost because it is good PR. It allows people exactly what is happening in their town.

Step 2: Loading the Photos

Once you have finished taking the photos and you have landed your plane, you then need to transfer the photos to your computer. This is very easy when you are working with a digital camera. Connect the camera up to your computer using either a firewire or USB cable. With the camera connected, the photos can then be downloaded and saved on your computer.

Step 3: Editing

It's unlikely that you will be completely happy with the photos. You first need to choose which ones you plan to use and then touch them up. This can be done in any photo editing application, and it shouldn't take long to do. Use the tools to remove elements and correct the color balance.