Corporate Photography: The Basics

Corporate photography is any type of photography or videography used for promoting a company's brand, products and services.  Businesses also use corporate photography and videography to document social events and create visual content for internal newsletters, quarterly reports, and marketing materials. The main goal of corporate photography is to sell and brand, so Corporate Photographers have to work with their business clients in mind.

Corporate Photography Subjects

Corporations can use nature, animals, buildings or facilities to establish their brands, sell their products and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Creativity and innovation are the keys to differentiation and potential sales, which is why corporations need photographers to add to their marketing and advertising efforts. Photographers can bring an edge to advertising campaigns with their creativity, vision, and specialization; they can also refine a corporation's image.

Some corporate photographers take pictures of events, employees, and conventions for internal newsletters, quarterly reports, Web sites, and marketing documents. Corporate photography, then, is not limited to selling products and services. It is about packaging the business so the brand can move forward and potentially thrive.

How to Become a Corporate Photographer

Take photography classes. Talent and experience matter the most in this field, so a degree in photography is not necessary. A few classes in photography will do, along with the mastery of lighting techniques, angles, film techniques, digital editing software, and other elements that will shape a career in corporate photography.

Another way to gain experience is to assist a professional. Corporate photography requires a good business sense, which can be cultivated by assisting a professional. After taking a few classes and fortifying your talent, you should pursue an apprenticeship with an established corporate photographer. Photography internships and assistantships can open a lot of doors for future job opportunities, give you a stronger sense of the business and help you refine your craft.

Marketing Yourself as a Corporate Photographer

Create a portfolio that addresses the client's specific needs. Part of your job as a Photographer is to convince your clients that you can promote their brand effectively, which means that you needs to have a portfolio geared specifically toward the company you want to shoot for. If you are trying to get a job with an oil and gas company, you should only display shots of oil and gas on your Web site and in your portfolio. If you want to market yourself to companies in multiple industries, then you should have multiple portfolios that cater to each specific industry.

Another important method of marketing is networking. People are more likely to give jobs to people they trust, so networking is one of the best ways to get your foot in the door. Attending social events, approaching potential clients, and actively participating in social media are all good ways of building your success as a Corporate photographer.

Increase your presence in Internet search engines. Nearly 47 percent of consumers find their products or services through search engines, so it is important to increase your visibility as much as possible. The best way to increase your presence in the search engines is through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optomization (SEO).

Advertise through direct mail. Sending postcards directly to potential clients on a monthly or quarterly basis is another way of establishing or expanding a clientele. After a week, you should try to follow up with those clients, reminding them of your mailing and telling them how your services can help their brand.

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