Corporate Photography: Selecting Holiday Props

When working in corporate photography, holidays are an exciting time for everyone. The winter holiday season is a time year when people tend to loosen up a bit, and professional holiday photos are a great way for a staff to relax and have a good time. When using holiday props and ,it's important not to force a choice or item on a person. Get a variety of items on a table and have the subject choose what they want to use. By giving them a choice they feel more involved in the process and this helps them relax a bit too.

Step 1: Assemble Your Props

Santa hats, gloves, scarves, fake snowballs and empty boxes wrapped in wrapping paper are all legitimate choices for props that you can use. Have a variety and keep each item in a few different colors so it doesn't look out of place. You don't want to get too many items however or else your subject might not be sure of what they want to pick.

Step 2: Provide a Winter Wardrobe 

It doesn't have to be heavy coats and snow pants. Santa hats, wool hats, gloves and scarves work fine for holiday photos.

Step 3: Let the Subject Choose

Make it fun by having the subjects participate. If the prop they chose does not match their outfit give them the same item in a different color. If an item is becoming too popular then remove from the table so that every picture you shoot doesn't have everyone holding the same thing. Remember, there needs to be variety.

The most important rule is to make everyone have fun because that would lead to successful holiday pictures.

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