Corporate Photography: Is a Backdrop Necessary?

When working on corporate photography you have to see yourself as being a service to your employer rather than an artist who can make whatever choices they want. That means that you need to base your decisions on what's best for the client. The question 'is a backdrop necessary?' falls under the greater question of what your background is going to be. Of course the ultimate decider of that question is the guy that pays you, but you are still expected to come up with great ideas that they'll hopefully like more. After all, you're the professional they're paying big bucks for.

So when would a backdrop be necessary?

Corporate photography generally can be broken down into either its product/service or the people who run it. When photographing the people you want to keep them all within a universal theme. This is when a backdrop would be used.

A good rule of thumb when picking a backdrop is to find one that is very subtle, you don't want to take away from the subject. Either a solid color or a gradient will do the trick. When picking your back drop's color pick one that is the same or very close to the corporation's logo. An example is when if you're working on a shoot for a large bank and they're logo is light blue. That's the color that should used as the backdrop when we photographing their executives. Remember, corporations are all about branding. Stay within the image they have created and you'll get hired again.

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