Compressor: How To Chain Jobs

When you chain jobs, it will reduce the time you need to compress your items. This merges as much work as possible into a batch. Compressor will then manage the jobs for you. Job chaining will let Compressor send the tasks to other jobs in the chain. This keeps compressor from having to process the same jobs over again. The steps to job chaining are listed below.

Tools and Materials Needed 

  • Test Movie to be chained
  • Compressor

Step 1: Getting a Job to Chain

You can use a test movie that you have as the job, and type in apple pro res 422. Pro res 422 will be the base setting. 422 for Interlace material high quality 10 bit video uncompressed will be the apple pro res that you drag to the top of the screen next to your test movie. You do not have to mess with any of the other settings, but if you would like to turn the frame controls on, that is optional. That may make it better for you. You can also choose the video settings if you would like to. As far as the apple pro res settings are concerned, you will want to leave them as they are. 

Step 2: Chaining

Now that you have the apple pro res in there, you are ready to chain it. You will want to click on the job to select it. Go up to the Job tab and select New Job with Target Outlet. You should get the new target output with a chain symbol. This shows you that it is chaining the output of the test movie to the encoding of the pro res. This means that the major foundation of the encode in the apple pro res is already taken care of. When it starts to encode the chain item, the base will already be complete from the apple pro res. As the encoding process continues, it is actually sped up.

Step 3: Chain Job Settings

You can now put the settings you prefer in the chain job. If you have preset settings, you can go over those settings. Choose the settings you want by dragging them up to the chain job area at the top of the screen. Remember this area is indicated by the chain link symbol. You should now have your settings and your apple pro res. These are chained jobs. Select the chain jobs and the apple pro res and then hit submit, and in the window that pops up hit Submit again. This will bring up your batch monitor.

You can also set up your program to have the batch monitor in your Preferences. This will allow the batch monitor to come up automatically when you submit batches. You will see the status bar as the batch monitor encodes the job. Once the encoding is complete, it will show Successful. You can have these set up to output to your desktop. You will see the apple pro res and the original movie icons on the desktop. 

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