Christmas Photography: Find One Focal Point

If you are looking forward to taking the annual Christmas photography shoot, then you should be preparing to improve the quality of your pictures. One way to do this is to find the focal point of a shot and move out everything that seems to be cluttering it up. Naturally, there are so many things going on at Christmas that it can be difficult to find that one thing which will be the focus of your photograph and you should not rule out taking a series of pictures in order to get the best from your shot. You can also choose to focus upon one central point for the center of the picture and add and remove objects to get a complete record of your day.

Picking a Large Object

At Christmas, there are many large objects which may serve as suitable focal points for your shots. The Christmas tree is one example, but you will also find presents, the turkey or the Christmas table, can form centerpieces for your photographs. The Christmas tree is a very good item to take pictures around, but you will need to make sure that these items are the focal point. This can be done by removing intrusive items such as Christmas presents, wrapping paper, or new toys, from the shot. People should not be included and you should also try to take the picture facing an area which is not cluttered with daily life. Keep in mind that you are taking a portrait shot of your item and ensure that other things do not clutter the frame.

Picking a Small Object

If photographing a large object is like a formal portrait, then a smaller item can be the candid shoot. Items such as Christmas tree decorations (baubles are ideal), or cupcakes should be placed on an area with a background; for example, on a table with a napkin underneath the object. Frame the item in the shot and then remove anything else which is appearing in the same area of the frame. These shots can then be expanded, so that the bauble can be seen on the tree, with the other decorations, or the cupcake among the guests at the Christmas party. This will allow you to keep a focal point, while still taking informal shots of family and friends.

The Focal Object

Whether you choose a large or small object, you should take care to place that item in the most important place in any shot. You could try using the small object in the dead-center of your picture, with everything else radiating from that point. Larger objects should be placed above the horizon level of the frame, so that it assumes prominence while still allowing room for others. You may decide that the Christmas tree should be at the vertical center of your shot, but beware of lining up guests along the same axis, as this may result in a picture which looks posed and amateurish.

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