Boudoir Photography 101

There are different genres of boudoir photography to choose from including lingerie, bridal and nude, but before you get started on any of these, there are some basics that you should learn first.

The Setting

When you are preparing for your sensual photography session, be sure to talk to the client. She may want to be in her own bedroom at home or may have rented a hotel room for the day. It’s important that you know so you can be prepared to bring any lighting with you if necessary. The client may not want her shots to be all on the bed; there could be a chair or even a bath tub.


Consider the temperature of the room that is going to be used for the photo shoot. There are some people whose skin color will change a bit if they are extremely cold. It will be hard for the client to relax if he or she has sweat pouring off of her or if she is too cold. On that note, there are some photographers that like the room to be a little on the cool side. It makes the hair on the body stand up and can be very sexy in boudoir photographs.

Consider Black and White

Ultimately the choice will be up to the client, but consider taking some of the boudoir photographs with black and white film. Black and white film can create some sensual and stunning shots. It is also known to help hide blemishes and blotches on the skin.