Birthday Photos: How to Shoot Lit Candles

Taking birthday photos is a very important job because it will help everyone to remember the special occasion. Few people enjoy getting older, but almost everyone enjoys celebrating their birthday with friends. Some of the most special photos are photos taken of the cake.

Learning how to shoot photos of lit candles, without burning out the rest of the photo, can make taking birthday photographs easier.

Step 1: Setting up the Photograph

It's worth taking some time to set up the photograph of the birthday cake so that you can get some good shots when the candles are lit and when they're being blown out. You will probably want to take a photo of the cake before anyone has taken a slice out of it. This means that you will have to work quickly because people are often desperate for cake.

You will find it easiest to take a photo of a birthday cake with lit candles if it is set up in an area with plenty of natural light available. The more natural light available, the easier you will find it to take a high quality photo.

Step 2: Setting Your Camera

When setting the camera in the correct mode, you will need to think about the amount of light available. If you're taking the photo outdoors in daylight, then you will probably find it easiest to leave your camera set in automatic mode. This will take a photo quickly and ensure that everything in the picture is in focus.

If you do want to use manual settings when working outside, then you should set a high shutter speed and high ISO setting, as this will help to minimize the chances of a blurred photograph.

Step 3: Setting the Flash

If you're taking a photo in a dark room, then you should turn the flash off; leaving the flash turned on is one of the most common mistakes people make. Flashes on compact cameras are not big enough to illuminate the whole photo and are only designed for short distances. Turning the flash off can help to ensure that the photo isn't washed out.

Step 4: Setting the Shutter Speed

Set the shutter speed to a very high speed, preferably like 1/60th of a second. Your camera needs to be steady and stable so that the photo isn't blurred. Either put it on a table or mount it on a tripod. Ideally you should set up the tripod beforehand which will help you to take the photo quickly. Set the photo up where the cake will be put.

Step 5: Burst Shoot Mode

Lots of digital cameras have a burst shooting mode which allows them to take several shots at the same phone. This is often used when taking photos of sporting events, and any other time when you want to capture lots of photos one after the other. Using burst mode when taking photos of lit candles will make it much more likely that you will be able to find a good shot that you are happy with.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: