Baby Photography: Shooting on Location

Shooting a baby picture on location is one way in which baby photography can move itself out of the formal studio and into settings which reflect the youth and vulnerability of the child. If you are keen to start shooting babies outside of a formal setting, then you should be prepared for all eventualities. Parents may request you at a 1st birthday party, for example, when the child is almost dwarfed by the size of the cake, but you should be ready to take that shot over the top of the candles.

At Home

This is probably the primary choice for many parents wanting to have their child photographed in a natural setting. The home gives a lot of great locations for the child; for example, you will have the crib in which he sleeps (and you can get in some early shots before he wakes up) and you have the family pets nearby. You should try and encourage the parents to be as natural as possible, although you may also try for a more formal shot on the sofa, with parents sitting on either side of the child. This is similar to a studio picture, but will also look relaxed and intimate, which you should encourage.

Other Locations

Many parents want their child photographed in various locations around the town or city, even when they are still very young. Perhaps one of the most popular places is the park, which can be a great location for candid shots. If you are shooting during the day, then you will need to make sure that the child is properly protected against the sun, although in a park, shade from a tree might also provide a dramatic backdrop. If you are shooting outside in a park, then don't be content just to take the formal snaps; have the mother holding the baby up to the sun, and shoot from a low angle, or get the mom to hold the baby on the swings or slide. These can be cute shots.

Shooting away from the Studio

When you are taking pictures away from the studio, you will still need to have enough lighting and other set-ups to ensure that you take the best shots available. Carry a small light, or if outside, rely upon natural lighting, but try to get the child turned so that the face is illuminated, not cast into shadow. You should also keep the child from crying through encouraging contact with the mother, and by using stuffed toys to distract and amuse him. You may find that it is necessary to take candid, intimate shots, rather than portraits.

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