Baby Animal Pictures: Respect Is Key

Taking baby animal pictures requires special skills. It's very important, for example, that you respect the animals and don't risk scaring them away. When taking photos of baby animals you will need to make sure that you don't risk the parents abandoning the baby.

As long as you respect the animals, then taking baby animal photos shouldn't cause any harm. Some people think that this is unethical because you risk scaring away the babies. However, as long as it's done properly there is no reason why you should refrain from taking baby photos.

Being Patient

Whenever you're taking photos of wildlife, including photographs of baby animals, you must be patient. You can't possibly expect any animals to come to you. The only way that you will be able to take these photos is if you hide and wait for the animals to come to you. As long as you're patient and take your time you really shouldn't have any problems.


You will need to stay out of sight whenever you're taking baby photographs. If you go to a wildlife park then it might be possible to find a nature hide where you can camp out and lie in wait. If not, you might need to buy some camouflage material or simply find a way to make yourself look as inconspicuous as possible.

If you are too noticeable, the animals won't go anywhere near you, not even the baby ones. Baby animals have a natural instinct to avoid humans so you can't hope to call them to come up to you.


The most important thing is that you realize the animals are not there for you to take photos of, they don't want you to take their photo and you can't force them to. Trying to trap an animal just to photograph it for example is pointless, not only will this result in photographs which cause the animal a lot of stress, but it will also mean that the photos are staged and not genuine.

The only way is to fully respect the animals and realize that they have a right to be there and go about their daily life. Take photos so that you don't interfere with them. Make sure that your camera flash is turned off because this will affect them and could startle them. Also, if possible, set your digital cameras shutter noise to off, or very quiet. This will make your photographing as unobtrusive as possible.

If you're ever photographing a nest with eggs in it then you must be careful, if any of your scent gets on the eggs then the adults may think that the nest has been compromised and abandon it along with all their eggs.

Taking Lots of Shots

Animals are notoriously difficult to take photos of because they move very quickly and don't pose for you. To get around this you should set your camera to multiple shots mode. This will mean that every time you press the shutter a certain number of shots are taken.

The more shots your camera takes, the better chance you have of getting a great photo. It is possible to take some great wildlife photos. However, you can't simply take it for granted that you're going to get a good shot.

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