Aerial Filming: Using a RC Remote Controlled Helicopter

Aerial filming makes it possible to take photos and videos from a completely different perspective. Capturing these aerial films can be expensive as you need to hire helicopters or planes. There are, however, cheaper options which can be just as successful. Remote controlled helicopters are now very affordable.

It's possible to use RC remote controlled helicopters which are customized to hold cameras. These can fly overhead and remotely trigger the shutter of the camera.

Step 1: Finding a Helicopter

There are many remote controlled helicopters which are available. It's possible to find many of these which are suitable for filming and photography. If you prefer, then it's also possible to buy a standard helicopter and customize it yourself. This is very difficult, but could make it possible to get cheaper results.

Step 2: Mastering the Helicopter

Helicopters aren't the easiest things to control. It's also complicated to handle remote controlled helicopters. You will need to spend time practicing how to fly the helicopter so that you can get the best views. It can be great fun to fly a helicopter. However, you will need to put more effort into flying the helicopter level and smooth.

The helicopter will have a wireless camera system built in. This will make it very easy to record the footage on a computer or video recorder.

Step 3: Filming

Once you have mastered the controls of the remote control helicopters, you can then start filming. Start by launching your helicopter and get it to the right level. Then, you can use your monitor to review the footage. When you are ready, it's then possible to start recording by pressing the button on the remote control.