9 Presentation Tips for Photographhy Portfolios

If you are nervous about presenting your portfolio to a potential client, stop worrying. Your chances of getting a job are probably already high, and all you need to do is prove to the client that you are the best candidate for the position. Here are a few tips to get you started--and possibly get you the job.

Step One - Research the Company

Whenever you apply for a job or give a presentation, you should always research the company. Find out what products and services they offer, learn about their culture, and see what their goals are. If you research the company, you'll have a better idea of how to dress and present your work during your presentation.

Step Two - Rehearse Your Presentation

You need to practice in order to convince others and yourself that you are worth hiring. Before you rehearse your presentation, think about the things that make your services unique. Ask yourself, "How can I help my future client achieve their goals?" Once you have everything together, present it to your friends and family until everyone gives you the seal of approval.

Step Three - Tailor Your Portfolio to the Client's Needs

Your client is the most important person in this whole scheme. When you present your portfolio, include 20 images that cater exactly to your client's industry, products or services. If you just give them a general portfolio that has nothing to do with their industry, they will be less likely to call you back, even if your pictures are good.

Step Four - Hit Them With Your Best Shot

When you choose images for your portfolio, make sure you use the best pictures out of your archive, and make sure they cater to your client's specific needs. If you include grainy, overexposed or out of focus images only because they have meaning to you, your client will not call you back after the presentation. Put your best face forward and show them clear, in-focus photos that will prove that you can fulfill their needs.

You will also want to consider dressing the part. When you step into your client's office to give your presentation, they will make a decision about who you are before you even open your mouth. Wear a nice suit and put your photos in a nice, black leather-bound presentation binder.

Step Five - Tell A Story

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself is to create a portfolio that tells a story. People like to see forward progression, so show your clients how you have developed as a photographer. Stories are more interesting and appealing when they have a smooth, visual flow, so make sure yours is as smooth as silk.

Step Six - Present Your Work in Categories

If you want to tell a story with multiple chapters, make sure all your chapters are grouped together appropriately. An author would not put half of chapter 15 in the middle of chapter 25, and neither should you. When you divide pictures into categories, your portfolio will appear more organized and cohesive, which will reflect well upon you.

Step Seven - Show Your Enthusiasm

Excitement is contagious. If you are excited about your portfolio and the possibility of working with your potential client, they will also be excited about you.

Step Eight - Make Eye Contact

Part of your job as a presenter is to engage your clients, which involves charisma and eye contact. If you do not make eye contact with your potential clients, you lessen your chances of interesting them.

Step Nine - Follow Up and Follow Through

As soon as you have finished your presentation, thank everyone for meeting with you. Leave a lasting impression by sending them a "thank you" email that highlights the basic points of your presentation. Follow up and if you promise that you are going to do something; do it. Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: