7 Pose Ideas for Maternity Photos

Being pregnant is a wonderful and exciting time for a woman. As a result, maternity photos are increasingly becoming popular. Here are 7 pose ideas to help you produce great photos.

1. The Profile Shot with One Hand on the Stomach

Maternity photos are all about the baby inside the stomach. The best way to visually show this is with a profile shot. This way the big stomach is sticking out in all of its glory. Usually, the woman's hand that is closest to camera is touching her stomach. These photos can either be done in light clothing or topless. If it is a topless photo, then her other hand is covering the breasts.

This pose works well with wide shots of shillouettes too. 

2. Looking Right at the Stomach

The baby-to-be is the star of the maternity photo. One pose idea is to shoot just the mother's stomach at a slight angle with her hands holding the baby.

3. Add Older Siblings to the Photo

This pose is similar to the stomach shot, except we bring in older siblings. It's a nice portrait of small children with their soon-to-be baby brother or sister. This is a cute shot the parents will always love (obviously the mother will be wearing clothes for this one).

4. Mom and Dad Side by Side

Take the mother and father-to-be and have them pose right next to each other. In this shot, Mom and Dad will both have one hand on Mom's stomach.

5. Dad Holding Mom and the Baby

In this pose, Dad stands behind Mom with both of his hands gently touching her stomach. He will rest his head on Mom's shoulder. Mom will have the hand that is farthest away from Dad on her stomach. Her other hand will be touching Dad's face.

6. Mom and Dad Looking at Each Other

This pose works best as a shilloutte. Mom and Dad stand facing each other. Both of their hands are touching Mom's stomach. Dad can either be kissing Mom, or the two can be starring at each other passionately.

7. Mom and Dad Laying Down

Mom is positioned in front of Dad. Her head is resting on a pillow and her hands are touching her stomach. Dad is laying behind her with his head up. He has one hand on her stomach also.

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