7 Christmas Card Photo Ideas for Pets

Choosing your pet as the subject of your family Christmas card photo is a popular trend. Taking photos of your pet can be a challenge, so choose an environment that is comfortable for the pet, and have toys ready that can assist in directing their gaze towards the camera.

An important step in your preparation is choosing the right idea for your photo. This will give you direction to select the setting of your picture and choose any props or decorations to include in the picture.

1. Take Your Photo in Front of the Fireplace

The mantle can be decorated with the family's stockings and garland. Depending on the lighting, you may or may not choose to have the fireplace lit.

2. Emphasize Your Pet's Breed 

For example, if your dog is a Chihuahua, you could give your photo a Latin American theme. Find a small sombrero for the dog to wear and place him on a multi-colored blanket. Using a Photoshop program, you can add the greeting of "Feliz Navidad" to your photo to enhance the theme. 

3. Use the Christmas Tree as a Backdrop

Place your pet in front of the tree in the midst of presents. You can attach a bow to your pet, making him a present among the presents. Another option is to place your pet in a way that suggests he is decorating the tree. 

4. Use Decorations as Props

You can set a decorated wreath on the floor and place a small pet in the center. For a larger animal, you could place the wreath around its neck. You can also use stockings or a pile of ornaments for your shot. When using any seasonal props for your Christmas card photo, make sure to coordinate them with an appropriate background that will not compete with your subject and the prop used. 

5. Use Wrapping Paper

You can create a scene where your pet is placed among wrapping paper tubes, covered in bows and ribbons, or where he appears to be in the midst of wrapping a present. You can also set the scene under the Christmas tree with displaced gifts and ripped paper to make it look like he just opened his presents. You can give him a toy to hold to enhance the setting. 

6. Use Christmas Items Specially Made for Pets

This is an easy option. These items include hats, antlers, stockings or Christmas costumes. Make the pet and what they are wearing the focal point of the photo, and keep the background simple. 

7. Keep It Simple

If your pet is not amenable to posing, working with props or wearing costumes, a simple picture with your family in front of the fireplace or Christmas tree may be the best option.

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