7 Basic Photography Accessories

There are many photography accessories that should be used to make it easier to take photos. Here are some of the most useful, basic photography accessories which are essential. Choosing the right accessories will make it much easier to take high quality photos.

1. Memory Cards

All digital cameras will record their photos onto memory cards. It is essential that you have plenty of these memory cards to take enough photos. It's often better to have more smaller cards rather than a few large cards because this will be safer.

2. Batteries

Extra batteries can be used to extend the shooting time of your camera. This makes it very easy to take more photos.

3. Gray Card

A gray card can be used to automatically set the correct white balance. These are inexpensive and are very useful as they speed up editing.

4. Flash

An external flash is very useful for a number of different reasons. It can be used to fill in and reduce shadows. It can also be used to add light to an image and solve problems with darkness.

5. Reflector

A reflector doesn't have to be anything special. This can be anything white or silver. This can be used to bounce light back onto the subject which will reduce shadows.

6. Tripod

A tripod is a very useful accessory as it keeps your camera perfectly steady. This makes it possible to take photos of anything without them being blurred.

7. Laptop

If you want to download and edit your pictures wherever you are, then you will need a laptop computer. An external hard drive is also very useful as this will help you to back up all your pictures.