6 Tips for Taking Adorable Baby Animal Pictures

Baby animal pictures have a tendency to melt peoples' heart. No matter what the species, most people find baby animals to be extremely cute. Here are 6 tips for taking adorable baby animal pictures:

1. Show How Small They Are

Everyone loves baby animals because their small, cute and cuddly. Show how small they are by placing an everyday object in the photo so we can compare sizes. Use a shoe as a prop with the baby animal sitting inside it. Photos like that have the ability to make most viewers go "aww". 

2. Catch Them Yawning

When adults yawn, it's considered rude, but when babies do it, it's considered cute. This includes baby animals. Get a shot of the peak of the yawn when the mouth is wide open and the eyes are closed. Those are the photos that universally cute.

3. Get Them to Play

One of the reasons people love baby animals is because they're easy to play with. Use props to help get them started and take as many pictures possible of them in action. Your goal is to evoke emotional responses from your work, and photos like this are a guarantee.

4. Mother and Children

Getting a photo of your baby animal with its mother is always cute. It's a visual reminder of how young the baby is while also showing what it will grow into to. Technically, you could get this with any adult member of its species, but there is just something special about the bond between a mother and child that can't be faked. 

5. Mix and Match

Animals are more playful than aggressive when they are babies. One of the most adorable baby animal photos involves taking several babies of different species and staging them together in a photograph. 

6. Use a Stuffed Animal as a Prop

We find photos of children holding stuffed animals adorable, and the same idea works with baby animals. They're vulnerable and sometimes need something bigger to cling onto when their mother isn't around. Can you think of anything cuter than a tiny puppy clinging onto a huge stuffed dog? 

However you choose to shoot the animal is up to you. But, remember that babies are small and you should use that to your advantage. Place objects in the shot that show how small the baby is, and you will be successful at making them look adorable.

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