6 Prop Ideas for Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn baby photography is well-known for using props to provide size context to your newborn and to simply add to the cuteness of the photo. If you are a photographer looking for creative prop ideas to stock your studio with or are a new parent who wants to bring along your own props to your newborn's first photo shoot, here are a handful of popular and creative ideas to make your baby's photos come to life. The most important thing is to be creative and use props that you will be pleased to see for years to come, as these will be some of the most memorable photographs that you will ever have taken of your child.

1. Stuffed Animals

One of the most popular prop choices for newborn photography is to use a stuffed animal, such as a teddy bear, to position with your newborn. Children tend to enjoy the presence of stuffed animals in general, so there is a good chance that the incorporation of a stuffed animal will help your chances of prompting a smile out of your child for the photographer to capture. In addition, stuffed animals generally add to the cuteness of any picture, ensuring that your newborn's photos will be as adorable as possible.

2. Small Tub or Bowl

Another popular prop choice for newborn baby photography is a bowl, bathtub or other small receptacle to place your newborn in to highlight the small size of your baby. Placing your newborn in a small fruit bowl or tiny bathtub can be both cute and show how tiny your infant was.

3. Hats

Hats, in particular hats that are too big for your newborn, are always popular props for infant photography. There is something undeniably adorable about a newborn wearing a hat that is much too large for his little head. Hats come in many shapes and sizes and can be used for various effects. For instance, you can use a cowboy hat if you are from Texas, or you could put a stocking hat on if you are from a colder state.

4. Balls, Rattles and Other Toys

Any type of toy is always a good choice for a prop in newborn photography. Toys are inextricably linked with children for obvious reasons, and toys will always fit the theme of baby photography.

5. Sports Equipment

Sporting equipment, such as a baseball bat and ball or a football, will always be a popular prop idea.

6. Items with Personal Meaning

Another great prop idea for newborn photography that will add to the symbolic value of the photos would be an item that has personal meaning to your family. If you have a watch, medallion or other small item that has been passed down or otherwise has symbolic value to your family, incorporating this item into your photos will add another layer of meaning to your newborn's photos and will be a conversation piece for years to come.

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