6 Prop Ideas for Christmas Photos

Taking Christmas photos not only entails capturing the right moment and the right mood. With a dose of creativity and ingenuity, you'll certainly be able to compose and frame a Christmas photo of your choice. To get that perfect Christmas photo, you should know what you want as a subject, mood and setting. For added fun, why not throw in some props that will make your photo a lot more Christmas-y? Here are some prop ideas you might want to try out on your next photo session.

1. Stockings

What's a winter without stockings? Stockings in Christmas colors are a staple in photos. You can have some oversized ones hanging over your fireplace. Or, have some kids where stockings striped red, green and white. If you're feeling a bit whimsical, you can even place kids inside giant stockings. Make sure that you choose stockings with Christmas colors or adornments.

2. Candy Canes

Christmas-colored candy canes are great to have as props, especially if you're shooting kids. Have them enjoy a couple of red and white candy canes. Giant swirly lollipops with Christmas colors will also do the trick. You can even consider composing a picture with adults and candy canes for a more quirky approach.

3. Christmas Cookies

Gingerbread men, star-shaped cookies, even chocolate chip cookies will bring in a whiff of that Christmas spirit. Consider having these scrumptious Christmas treats in your photo for a truly merry mood. Gingerbread houses adorned with tasty treats are also a big hit. For a simple twist, you can even take a picture of a plate of cookies and a glass of milk, with a special note attached for Santa.

4. Toy Soldiers

What's Christmas without presents for the little ones? Toy soldiers and little drummer boys always bring back memories of a festive yuletide season. Use these as props for your Holiday pictures, and you got yourself a truly Christmas-y feel. You can even place these toys, along with a toy train, under the Christmas tree to complete your look.

5. Signs and Words

This is one way to compose a whimsical and quirky Christmas photo. If you have a plain setting or background, just create some letter props that spell HO HO HO, JOY, or XMAS. You can have these as giant signs that your subjects can pose around. Or you can consider creating giant blocky letters that spell out holiday words. If you want to forego text, you can draw Christmas icons on them instead. Have a giant sign with a bell on it, a snowflake or snowman.

6. Holiday Hats

Having festive hats and headdresses are one way to compose a fun and merry Christmas photo. You can have your subjects all in Santa hats or elf hats. Even a Grinch hat would add a dash of amusement to your picture. There are many Christmas hats that you can find in stores that are sure to make your Holiday just picture-perfect.

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