6 Great Photography Blogs

Anyone interested in photography will want to find ways of improving their skills over time. Photography is one of those things that you can never completely master. It's something that you will be learning for the rest of your life. There are hundreds of different techniques and methods of capturing great photographs. By continually learning new techniques, it will be much easier to offer your clients great service.

There are some amazing photography blogs on the Internet which are extremely useful. These not only share techniques with you, but many of them also report news related to the world of photography.

1. Digital Photography School

The digital photography school is a very useful blog which offers all sorts of information about digital photography. They have a number of separate blogs which show readers a number of different techniques. These include camera reviews and photography tips and tutorials. They also cover how to use certain pieces of software such as Photoshop in a separate Post Production blog.

This is a great resource which will help you to improve your skills. Perhaps one of the best features of the site is a forum where you can go and ask any questions that you might have. This means that you can receive a tailored response rather than just reading blogs. The forum is particularly useful if you are having trouble with any of the tutorials and want to ask how to do something.

2. Adobe Photoshop Light Room Killer Tips

If you are using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, then this is the best blog for you. This reviews new versions of the application, tells you about plug ins which can be useful, and also talks about various tutorials which will help you to use this powerful application much better. There are also some discussions which are useful to help you understand exactly how to use the software the best.

3. Strobist

The strobist blog is all about lighting, and this is an very useful site to visit if you're struggling to get your lighting right. They feature a special beginners section which offers lots of useful advice and assignments to ensure that you always position lights in the right place. They feature reviews of flashes and other lighting equipment. They also interview some photographers who give tips and suggestions.

4. Photojojo

Photojojo is a great fun photo blog which reports lots of useful articles. They also feature some interesting articles which aren't normally seen anywhere else. These include the idea of doing portraits by using a scanner. The results are actually fairly interesting, and its something you probably haven't seen anywhere else.

5. Photography for Real Estate

If you are trying to start a career in real estate photography, then this is the blog to visit. It offers a number of tips and tutorials to help you take better photos of houses including when to use wide angle videos and how to take photos without expensive lighting equipment.

6. Beyond Mega Pixels

This is a useful photography blog for amateurs as well as professionals. This is a great fun site to visit, and there is lots of useful information here. They feature articles about lighting, flashes and how to learn photography as a beginner.