6 Camouflage Ideas for Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography requires you to be a silent observer. Most animals are scared of humans, and if they know you're in the area, then they will go out of their way to avoid you. You need to make every effort possible to blend in with the environment so that you can get the best shots. Here are 6 camouflage ideas for wildlife photography.

1. White in the Winter

Your camouflage choices are dependent on the environment that you're shooting in. If it's winter, then the ground may be covered in snow. Dress in layers and dress warmly because it will get cold, especially without moving around. Place either a white pancho or rain suit over your clothes so that you will blend in with the snow. Even a white garbage bag with holes cut into it will work.

2. Military Camouflage

Military camouflage is designed to make you blend in with your environment. The green, grey, brown combo is great for fitting in with the woods. If you're shooting in the spring and summer, when the trees and bushes are covered in thick leafs, then this is the best clothing to be wearing.

If you don't have military camouflage, then wear green if you're shooting in the forest. This way you'll at least blend in. 

3. Khakis

If you're heading off into a dessert to shoot some wildlife, then consider wearing khakis or tan colored clothing. This way, you can lay down on the ground and be virtually unnoticed as you shoot the wildlife.

4. Face Paint

You can take camouflage to the extreme with face paint. This way, you can be sure that every part of your body will blend in with the environment. 

5. A Ghille Suit

These are suits that are designed to appear as heavy foliage. They were first used by snipers in World War One, who would wear them while hiding up in trees. They cover up the shape of the human body, making wearers very hard to spot. If you're heading into a forest for wildlife photography, then this is the best camouflage you can get. An extra bonus for some suits is that they move in the wind the same way as the surrounding foliage.

6. Cover Your Scent

Animals have a much better sense of smell than humans. This is an unseen obstacle because if they smell you, they'll avoid you. Some camouflage clothing is designed to block your smell from coming out. There are also sprays that you can purchase in stores that cater to hunters. Visit your local hunting store to purchase camouflage.

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