6 Beautiful Natural Fashion Photography Locations

There are many realms to photography, including natural fashion photography where location can make all the difference in your photos. Fashion photography itself is a creative endeavor that allows for tons of leeway in utilizing your skills and unique style. Traditionally, fashion photography is a branch of photography that focuses on different aspects of fashion and how the model presents that fashion. Sometimes, the best way to represent the fashion is to choose a natural location that complements and enhances the beauty of the model and the clothing.

Here are 6 beautiful natural fashion photography locations:

1. Tropical Locations

One beautiful and natural fashion photography location is the tropics. There are literally hundreds of individual spots that would work, too many to list. Tropical locations offer a backdrop of palm trees and foliage that can complement a fashion shot. Breezy fabrics that are lightweight and colorful work wonderfully.

2. Beach Locations

Along the same lines are the ocean and beach locations. Again, there are too many individual places to list, but the idea is the same. These natural locations are gorgeous for summer wear. You can incorporate the ocean and sand in so many ways; it's up to you how creative to be. The thing to remember about beach locations is to protect your equipment from the sand that can become ingrained in everything.

3. Field Locations

A great natural and beautiful location for fashion photos is a field. Imagine some long, flowing grasses and wild flowers. You can find somewhere with a stump, boulder or log, or you can bring in your own props and be creative in their use. With this location, the weather almost doesn't matter because it can work in rain or shine.

4. Park Locations

When you are shooting fashion for children as well as adults, a park location is a great naturally beautiful place to shoot. Trees, paths, benches, statues and even playground equipment can all be utilized to enhance and create a desired ambiance.

5. City Locations

The hustle and bustle and lighting of certain cities are great resources of natural beauty for fashion shots. There are so many ways to be creative when shooting within the realms of a city. From using the steamy, dark streets to the bright lights of sky high buildings, the possibilities are endless.

6. Mountain Locations

Using the seasonal changes of a mountain location can work well to your advantage. Even shooting the same location in different seasons can make an incredible statement. The fall with its brilliant colors, contrasted with the snows of winter, the bright sun of summer and the lush greens of spring would make a statement. Throw in the various fashions of the seasons and the result can be amazing.

There are so many beautiful and natural fashion photography locations. You have to find your own niche and your preference. It also really depends on the type of fashion you are portraying and your budget. Using nature as your backdrop is exciting and ever-changing. Learning to use the natural lighting and shadow effects of the outdoors can be a challenge at first, so be prepared to take plenty of shots.

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