6 Amazing Places to Take Wildlife Pictures

Wildlife pictures consist of animals in their natural habitats. You don't have to go into the middle of nowhere to grab some nice photos. You can do it virtually anywhere. Whether you live in the city or on a mountain, here are 5 amazing places where you can get great wildlife photos.

1. The City

City's are the pinnacle of human civilization, and there is still wildlife here that can be photographed. Squirrels and birds are frequent visitors to cities and their local parks. You don't have to travel that far or spend that much time looking to find them.

2. Your Own Backyard

Depending on how rural your area is, your back yard could be a prime place to photograph local wildlife passing through it. Talk to your neighbors and find out what they have seen. Also, spend a little time sitting outside. You might be surprised by what passes through.

3. Your Local Park

If you live in the suburbs, then you don't have to travel far to find local wildlife. Most parks are large land preservations designed to keep the area in its boundaries virgin and pure. Because they're so large, a lot of animals make their homes there. With a short hike and a little patience, you can find them. The best place to stake out is a river or pond, as every living creature needs a drink of water to survive.

4. The Beach

Waterfronts have their own special kind of wildlife you won't find inland. If a beach is near your residence, then take a trip. You can find birds, turtles and more.

5. Undeveloped Land

Depending where you live, there might be large areas of undeveloped land, otherwise known as nature. A lot of areas have trails that you can walk. Take a day off and go for a hike in the woods with your camera. Find a remote area near a trail and spend a couple of hours relaxing. Not only will the peace and quiet do you good, but you may also run in some interesting creatures passing through.

6. A "Safari"

Some amusement parks have safaris that visitors can drive through and see exotic animals. While this is not true wildlife photography, it does provide a great opportunity to photograph animals you would normally never see. And, if you can frame out the electrical wire, fences and cars, it might look like the real deal.

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