5 Wedding Reception Video Ideas

Every bride wants her wedding reception video to be as wonderful and memorable as the reception was itself. The reception is a gift from the bride and groom to all of their attendees, as well as a celebration of two people coming together in marriage, so getting the reception on video for future memories is very important. You want the video to be beautiful, breathtaking, and memorable, but not necessarily perfect. You won't want the video to be strict or stuffy. Everyone needs to have fun and relax. Use some creativity while filming the reception video. Remember, someday the couple will watch their reception video and remember all the fun that had at their reception.

When planning a reception video, there are several things to take into consideration. You should discuss what the bride and groom expects from their video. Do they want strict guidelines followed for their video? Or will they let you use your creative inspiration to surprise them? Suggest a few ideas to get a feel for what they want. Here are some ideas you may want to present to them:

  1. Assistant:
    Choose someone ahead of time to be your assistant. Someone who is not shy in front of a camera, and who can point out and name the people that are close to the bride and groom. This will make the video more personal, and help the couple recall names more easily as the years go by.  
  2. Montage:
    Create a video montage. Have friends and family pass the microphone around, and ask them say nice things to the camera. Don't worry if some of the guests mess up or do something silly. These things only make the film more interesting, especially years later.
  3. Outdoors:
    Use the outdoors to your advantage. Of course, great weather is always welcome for a wedding reception. But that's not what always happens. And even though you might get stuck with bad weather, it's okay; wedding receptions can still be fun on bad weather days. Make a creative video with thunder and lightning as a dramatic backdrop. And just think of how fun the wedding party will look throwing snowballs in black tuxedos.
  4. Childhood:
    Try to use childhood videos and/or photos of the bride and groom when editing your video. Or, have a video montage playing during the reception and capture the reactions of everyone watching the video. Some of their reactions can be funny and quite memorable.
  5. Parting ways:
    You can always add an ending to your video of everyone waving goodbye to the bride and groom as they drive away to their honeymoon in the limo. Or, you can have someone dressed up as a janitor sweeping up the reception hall with music playing softly in the background.

These are just a few ideas for making a memorable wedding reception video. Always remember that the video you create will be watched over and over, for many years to come. You will likely be making several copies of the video to give to the bride and groom and their close family members. Be certain that the video is respectful and tasteful. With any luck, the bride and groom will be excited to show it to their future children.