5 Tips to Set Up a Camera

When you are trying to set up a camera you will find that is can be confusing and difficult at times. This article will look at a number of different tips which can be used to set up a camera and make sure that you will be able to take the best photos possible.

1. Background

Always think about the background that you are photographing. If it is too bright then this will cause the subject to be burned out. You should choose something plain which isn't overpowering. If you try to take photos with a busy background then this will detract from the subject.

2. Tripod

A tripod is an essential piece of equipment. These tripods can be used to hold your camera perfectly steady when taking a photo. Tripods can be put in the right location and aimed at the subject. A tripod is also a useful way to use the self timer function on your camera.

3. White Balance

The white balance is the color balance of the photo. When shooting in different conditions you will need to adjust the white balance settings. Choose the right white balance for different lighting conditions.

4. Manual

Set the camera into manual mode rather than using the automatic settings. This will allow you to manually set the aperture and exposure of the image.

5. Flash

The flash on your camera isn't very powerful. When working in a studio with additional lighting sources you should turn this flash off. The flash can be used as a fill in lighting source, but won't be as powerful as external flashes.