5 Tips on Posing Reptiles for Pictures

Reptiles' pictures can be incredibly beautiful to look at. They can also be incredibly frustrating to get. There are a lot of things that you will have to keep in mind whenever you are taking pictures of reptiles. When all of the elements come together, you will find that the outcome can be breathtaking. However, if you do not know or understand the art of photographing reptiles, then it can easily show on film.

1. Lighting

You want to be sure that you have the right kind of lighting when it comes to reptile photographs. Sometimes having an exterior flash or lighting can really help to capture the beauty of the creature. Reptiles love light and if you have a light shown on them, it will help them to relax as well. Get a warm lamp to shine down on them to help them to stay relaxed. This will prevent any issues you may have with them becoming restless or nervous.

2. Keep Their Attention

While the lighting will help to keep them relaxed, you do not want to take pictures of sleeping reptiles. Keep treats nearby to get their attention. You will be able to trick them into looking directly at the camera if you position the treat just right. Be sure that you are not teasing them with the treats, as this will only upset them. Keep them happy so that they will be compliant with you. Position the treat where you want their attention to be, then get as many pictures as you can of them before they go in for the kill.

3. Action Shots

Reptiles in action can be difficult shots to get, but can be very rewarding. Simply set yourself up where you will be able to take several pictures quickly. Get a meal or a treat for them and hold it up where they can take notice. Get as many angles as you can of them walking, gliding or jumping towards their food. It is important that you still are able to keep the light on them, as this will be what will help to make the entire shot.

4. Natural Shots

Get your reptile outdoors and get some pictures of them in their element. Put them on a rock and allow them to do whatever comes naturally to them. You will find that when they are outdoors, they will become more comfortable and will be able to give you some truly beautiful poses.

5. Don't Force It

Reptiles are not very easy to predict and give commands to. It is important that you do not force any poses on them. Simply get them set up the way that you want them to be, and snap away while you can because they probably won't stay that way for long. You will find that taking pictures of what these creatures do naturally can be much more beautiful than many poses that they are forced into.

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