5 Tips for the Best Looking Christmas Photos

Composing Christmas photos offer a lot of possibilities; you can opt to take whimsical ones, dramatic ones or simply candid ones. Whichever type of Christmas photo you're aiming for, taking the best one is sure to prove tricky and challenging. With all the yuletide decors, lights and activities, it's a flurry of Holiday icons and moments that you're clamoring to capture. Instead of having a frenzied time taking that great Christmas photo, here are some tips to make sure that you have the best looking ones.

1. Plan Ahead

Of course you can just head out with your camera and snap away at anything that looks Christmas-y, but you'll get the best results if you plan ahead of time. If you want to take pictures of a merry city at night, then find out what the best time is. Do you want a picture where the sky is just turning dusk? Or do you want one where there are some stars twinkling in the sky? If you want pictures of merriment at home, then think of your subject and composition. You can plan to capture moments while you're putting up decorations or preparing the holiday feast, or you can opt to take random pictures while opening up presents. Make sure you know what Christmas photo you aim for.

2. Set It Up

Even if you want a candid and dynamic Christmas photo, it pays to set it up. To get the best possible pictures, make sure your setting is amply lit. You might want to set up some lights around the area where you're putting up the tree, or you can plan to use your bounce flash instead. A little preparation and prepping up will ensure that you come up with the best Holiday picture.

3. Don't Say Cheese

This means not asking your subject to pose. Christmas photos with people staring and smiling at the camera are often awkward and fake. This is certainly something you would want to avoid. Besides, oftentimes their smiles are insincere and forced. Just always have your camera ready during gatherings and occasions, and be vigilant towards capturing that genuine, warm smile.

4. Capture the Grinch

You are at liberty to take pictures even if your subjects are not smiling. Maybe someone makes a face after eating a sour drop, or you have a kid squinting her nose.  Look around at people's faces and reactions, and capture every memorable moment you can get. You're sure to stumble upon a funny and interesting Christmas photo in the end.

5. Consider the D├ęcor

People are not the only ones that can make interesting Christmas photos. You can shift your focus to other festive icons and decorations around you. You can try using dynamic shots such as macro, fish eye or panoramic. Or you can also take warm, Holiday pictures of your tree decorations, champagne being poured, or close-ups of the table setting. Be a little imaginative and creative, and you will certainly capture the best looking Christmas photos.

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