5 Tips for Great Desert Photography

When taking desert photography, it's very important to consider the lighting and exposure. Deserts are extremely beautiful, but they are like nowhere else on earth. The sand will reflect the light which will make it difficult to capture the photos on film without it being overexposed. The following tips will make it much easier to take wonderful photographs in the desert.

1. Use the Right Equipment

The first thing that you need to do is concentrate on using the right equipment to photograph in deserts. It's best to use a wide angle lens which ranges between 16 to 35mm. A 100mm macro lens or 70 to 200mm telephoto lens will also be suitable. The best type of lens for telephoto shots is a long lens.

2. Use Filters

You should use a polarizing filter to reduce the amount of light entering the camera. This will help to reduce the glare and add additional contrast to the image.

3. Know When to Shoot

You will also need to know when the best time to shoot the photographs is. It's often best to shoot the photos during the early morning or early evening. The dunes will create stunning shadows which make your photos look amazing and wonderful. You will need to understand how to capture the light and shadows to make an interesting and appealing photograph.

4. Get Close

You can get much closer to the sand using a tripod and a macro lens. This will allow you to see the actual texture of the sand in your photo.

5. Be Safe

You need to be safe when photographing in deserts. This is because they can be quite dangerous. You need to wear a sunhat and plenty of sunscreen; you will also need lots of water. You should tell people where you are going in case you get lost.