5 Tips for Great Christmas Photography

Christmas photography is very interesting and exciting, but is very different from normal photography. You will need to learn these useful tips which can help you take better and more memorable Christmas photos. Christmas is a time for families; these very special memories should be captured and recorded forever.

1. Preparation

As with anything, the most important thing is to spend time preparing to take the photos. Make sure that you remember to pack your camera, batteries, memory card and any other devices that you think you might need.

2. Setting White Balance

As Christmas is held during the Winter, it's normal for the photos to be indoors. This means that you need to carefully set the white balance to the correct settings depending on the lighting conditions that you are shooting in.

3. Capturing the Magic

Rather than just taking photos of the tree and the meal, you should also photograph the preparation that goes into the special day. Take photos of the hectic kitchen and people decorating the tree. This will show the feelings of the day.

4. Before and After Photos

Take a photo before and after the party to show the celebration that took place. This will demonstrate just what sort of party it was.

5. Gifts

When taking photos of people opening presents, try to use the burst shooting mode. This will take lots of photos at the same time and will be sure to capture a good photo. Also try shooting photos of people who give the gifts as their reactions can be just as interesting.