5 Tips for Filming an Outdoor Wedding

Shooting an outdoor wedding is a lot harder than shooting an indoor one. The reason why is because you're dependent on the weather. Usually a bride having an outdoor wedding wants a sunny day or at least partly cloudy. But, as the videographer, that makes your job a lot harder because your exposure levels are going to constantly be changing as clouds pass in front of the sun. Your shot can instantly go from nice exposure to too dark or too bright, and it is your job to overcome this.

The best kind of weather for shooting out doors is overcast. The light is naturally diffused, evenly exposed, and it makes the overall colors outside more saturated. But, that is not in your control. Here are 5 tips to help you shoot a great looking outdoor wedding.

1. Use a Camera in Which You Can Adjust the Aperture Easily

Because a partly cloudy day can instantly change your exposure levels, you need to have an aperture that you can quickly change. This way, you're on top of everything and have video footage that isn't too bright or too dark, but just right.

2. Own Filters

UV filters, Polarizers and ND should all be in your photography kit. This way you can capture shots that are rich in color, free of most reflections and are not too bright.

3. Cover a Lot of Angles

Think about the edit while your shooting. If the exposure starts to change in a shot, then move to another angle and compensate on the aperture. This way, you can cut out the bad parts and have an evenly exposed sequence.

4. Have the Groom Wear a Wireless Microphone

This really applies to both indoor and outdoor weddings. It's more important outdoors, though, because there are a lot of factors that can create noise when the vows are being exchanged. The best way to overcome this is to place a microphone as close to the action as possible and the groom is the best place to hide it.

5. Scope the Location, and Discuss Any Concerns You Have Prior to the Wedding

The best way to go into this shoot is to be prepared. Try to see the venue before the wedding so you can develop a plan. Also, make the bride and groom aware of any logistical challenges you will have. They may be willing to make some changes so that the video will look the best it will be. After all, your work is preserving a special moment in time. They want it to look good.

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