5 Photography Techniques Used by The Pros

There are some photography techniques that require more than basic skills and an understanding of how a camera works. The following techniques are used by professional photographers. Some techniques require special equipment. In most cases, photographers need to understand how to manually control their camera to achieve the desired effect.

1. High Speed Photography

Photographers use this technique to capture moments that are too quick for the eye to see or appreciate. Examples include images of balloons popping, liquids splashing and glass breaking. Professional photographers use a manual focus camera, flash device and trigger to perform this technique.

2. Black and White Photography

Any colored image can be turned into a black and white photograph. To capture great black and white images, photographers need to practice seeing the image in black and white. As the image is devoid of color, there is greater emphasis on the elements contained inside the image, the composition, the shadows and the overall message of the image.

3. Motion Blur Photography

This technique is used to show movement and speed. Professional photographers need to know how to use the camera’s slow shutter speeds and how to control the amount of light entering the shutter during this time to create this effect. Photoshop and other image editors may also be used but may appear unnatural.

4. Macro Photography

The technique involves taking close up shots of small objects, showing the detail the viewer does not normally notice. For the best results, a camera that allows a macro lens to be attached must be used.

5. Processing RAW Images

RAW images are minimally processed by the camera. With RAW images, the photographer has greater control over how the final image will appear on screen or print out.