5 Indoor Self Portrait Ideas

The self portrait can be the ultimate expression in photography. They show the personality of both the person and the photographer. Indoor self portraits are also a great way for budding photographers to develop skills, learn to use certain lenses, and get a feel for editing and composition. 

1. Reflective Surfaces

The self portrait can be extraordinarily creative. You have the freedom to photograph yourself in any manner. Some of the most telling self portraits are the ones that show more than just yourself. Playing with reflective surfaces is a great way to capture an image of yourself as the photographer. You can use windows when the sun is shining brightly above it to capture a ghostly image of yourself. The silver lenses of sunglasses can also be fun to use. You can set up a tripod to capture photos this way without having the camera in your hand, although the photos with the camera showing can also be telling. Check around your house for different reflective surfaces. High glossed tables, mirrors and appliances can all be used for this type of photography.

2. Focus on the Eyes

A self portrait doesn't have to show your entire face to be a great photo. You can achieve some great results by focusing on a single element of your face. Eyes tend to be the most popular choice. Play around with letting your hair fall over your eyes, wearing glasses, or even heavy eye makeup. You can also change the settings on the camera for different results.

3. Focus on Unusual Elements

Instead of taking a photo of yourself in a traditional way, find something of interest around you, and place yourself in the background. Have an interesting clock on the wall? Get a few pictures of yourself next to it, with the clock being the subject of the photo. These types of compositions can add another texture to the photo that will give you surprisingly artistic results.

4. Daily Activities

A photo of you sitting in front of your computer working can be a great self portrait. This will show you in your natural habitat so to speak. The best way to capture the candid self portrait is to set up a tripod in the area of your home you spend the most time. Try to ignore the camera as you go about your routine. You can use a remote to snap the photos, or set a timer with the burst mode on to capture several photos over a few minutes. 

5. Traditional Portraits

If you aren't wanting to get to artistic with the photo, you can set up an area to take a traditional portrait. Use a plain background so you will become the focus of your photo. Set the timer on the camera, and pose yourself as you would pose others for portraits. These pictures don't have to be boring, and with the right pose and settings, these photos can become cherished moments for any photographer.