5 Ideas for Using NASA Stock Footage

Stock footage is a very useful way to include clips on your website or in your film without having the expense of taking them yourself. If you want to use videos of space, the moon or other planets, then this cost is certainly well out of your reach. That's why many people will use NASA stock footage in their video. Fortunately, NASA releases lots of different stock footage which can be used for a number of different purposes.

It's possible to use NASA stock video footage for use in advertising campaigns, promotional material or just family videos to make them more interesting.

1. Advertising

If you are trying to make the most out of your advertising campaign and are looking for something unique, then you might want to consider using NASA stock footage. This is very easy to do as it can be downloaded from the Internet and incorporated into almost any advertising campaign. No matter what you are trying to do, you should find it easy to relate the NASA videos to your own products.

Perhaps suggesting that your products are light years ahead of the rest, or from another planet. Advertising agencies will be able to work wonders when using NASA stock footage.

2. Promotional Materials

Another great use for stock footage is for promotional materials. No matter what you are trying to promote using stock footage, it should be very simple.

3. Taking Still Images

NASA stock footage is very high quality and is often 30 frames per second. This means that there are lots of different still photos that you can capture from a single video. If you are looking for a still photo of space, then it might be easier to capture it from a moving video rather than looking specifically for still images. The quality of a still grabbed from a video will generally be lower.

4. Editing

There's no reason why you need to use the entire NASA clip in its original form. Actually, you might like to edit and adjust the video so that it fits in better with your existing video. The clips can be edited using virtually any video editing package and it's something that's very easy to do. Transitions or effects can easily be added into your video to make it look more unique.

Making the video unique is important since there could be dozens of different companies all using the same video. If you don't make yours look any different, then it won't be anywhere near as effective as if it's unique.

5. On Websites

You can also easily convert the NASA footage to a format which is suitable for websites. If you are including the video on a website, then you will need to work on reducing the quality to a reasonable level. This will make it much easier to upload and also quicker for the visitors to watch them.

The videos can either be streamed from your website or alternatively they can be downloaded to your visitors computers. There are also webTV services such as YouTube which can be used to share your videos with other people.