5 Great Ideas for Pet Photos with Their Owners

Pet photos are some of the most treasured photos in a house. You will find them carefully preserved hanging in a frame, or in an album together with the rest of the family photos. There are so many things you can do with your pet photos aside from putting them in a frame for display.

1. Personalized Cards

Nowadays, personalized or customized gifts are very popular. In this regard, you can use a pet photo with its owner for a personalized gift. If you have a friend or a family member that has a birthday coming up, you can use a photo of him with his pet to create a card. This provides a personal touch to your gift. Aside from this, the receiver of the card will surely enjoy the thought and the work you have put into making the card. You are also assured that the receiver is likely to keep the card because of the photo.

2. Calendar

Instead of just using your pet photo in a calendar, why not create one with photos of you together? You can dress up depending on the season or on the occasion for each month. This way, you can truly call the calendar your own. It also makes the calendar more interesting rather than having series of photos of your pet. You can also make this kind of calendar a gift for family and friends. Collect several photos of them with their pets and create a calendar for a more personalized gift.

3. Customized Coffee Mugs

Another great idea for pet photos with their owners is to customize a simple coffee mug by printing the photo onto the mug. This customized gift is a great way to display the photo. There are several companies that can print the photos onto a mug. Most bridal souvenir shops or printing companies can help you with this or can refer you to someone who will help you.

4. T-Shirts

Aside from printing the photo onto a mug, you can also copy and print the pet photo with the owner onto a t-shirt. However, it is important that you carefully choose the size, shape and type of shirt you will use. You do not want it to be too cheesy. Choose fabric that is comfortable and lightweight. You may also want to experiment with the size of the photo before actually printing it onto the shirt. You may also put in the name of the pet and the owner on the shirt or a funny quote about pets and their owners. This is one gift idea that any pet lover will truly enjoy!

5. Pet Photo Blanket

One of the best ideas for using pet photos with their owners is to print it or transfer the image onto a blanket. You can have a big blanket printed for the owner and a smaller one for the pet. In this idea, you can be as creative and artistic as you want to be. You can choose blankets of different cloth, size and color. You can also change the entire look of the photo by making it into pop art.