5 Graduation Photo Poses

The photo poses you choose for graduation pictures will greatly affect the overall sense the picture gives. You want to be able to capture your personality in the photo, and the posing will have a lot to do with that. There are several things you can do during the photo shoot to add personality to your graduation photos.

1. Classic Poses

Simple pictures where you sit on a stool and look across the room or behind your shoulder are always popular choices for graduation pictures. It's best to wear a more formal style of clothing for these pictures. These are also the photos that most photographers are asked to do often, so the photographer will likely start the session with the more classic and formal poses. These photos are great for family members who want to see how much you've grown over the years.

2. Incorporate Sports and Activities

If you are involved in sports, having a few poses done while in your sports gear seems natural. You don't have to wear the full uniform for these pictures. A basketball player can dress in jeans and spin a basketball on their finger. A football player can have a few shots captured while sitting on the football field out of uniform. An avid thespian can have some photos taken in the auditorium, sitting on the stage. Get creative with the activities you are involved in, and you can get some wonderful photos that will be cherished by all.

3. Hobbies

The purpose of a graduation photo is to capture who you are at that time. When you look at the photos down the road, they should bring a smile and fond memories forward. If you have hobbies that are important to you, ask the photographer to get a few photos that showcase this. Maybe you could strum a guitar, read a book...the options are endless.

4. Outdoor Photos

If you have the option of splitting up your photo session, opt to have a few pictures taken while outdoors. These poses can look beautiful. A few pictures snapped while leaning up against a tree, sitting in a field of flowers, or leaning back on the ground enjoying the sunshine are all appropriate and fun photos for a graduation shoot.

5. Day of Ceremony

The day of the ceremony is another great time to get some graduation poses captured. The photographer can grab some breathtaking shots during the ceremony. If the ceremony includes tossing the hats in the air, this can make for a memorable picture. Photos taken while wearing your cap and gown on the day of graduation will also be memorable. This is also a good time to capture photos of the proud family with the person graduating. Ask about hiring the photographer for a few hours on graduation day to get some candid and group shots.

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