4 Wedding Photography Tips from the Pros

Whether it is photographing weddings for the first time or wanting to gain experience in the field, learning a few wedding photography tips can help in becoming a better photographer. Weddings are often festive with a lot of action. Here are a few tips to photographing like a pro from the pros.

1. Make a Shot List
Ask the couple of what shots they would like to be captured. This gives the photographer an idea of what the couple is expecting. It is also a great way for the photographer to know that all of the family members and guests have been photographed.

2. Pick the Right Equipment
Bring lots of batteries and memory cards. This lets the photographer take as many shots as possible. Carry at least two cameras with different lenses. One should have a wide angle lens for tight shots while the other camera can have a longer lens for other purposes.

3. Arrive Early
Start with the preparation stage. Photograph details such as the fabric of the wedding dress, shoes and the rings. The couple will want to remember the details that went into preparing the wedding. Photographers need to be quick and arrive at the church or ceremony area before the bride in order to photograph the groom. This is a good time to photograph the relatives and guests but be aware and prepared of when the bride is coming to photograph her arrival. Be confident but not rude when moving around.

4. Shoot RAW
RAW requires more processing time but is of a higher quality than other formats. With RAW files, photographers will be able to edit images afterwards.