4 Websites to Learn Digital Photography for Free

You don’t have to take expensive lessons to learn digital photography; there are plenty of places you can learn it for free. Here is a list of some websites that will give you free tutorials and digital photography lessons:

1. Geofflawrence

This website has a listing of several tutorials that will help you learn digital photography for free by following the information listed. Some of the topics include the top 10 photography tips, how to use photo software, and how to make money with your photos. There is also a blog where photographers can discuss photo techniques and tips.

2. Photo

Another website that lets budding photographers learn digital photography for free is Photo.com. It contains sections on wedding photography, lighting tutorials, how to use the digital darkroom, tutorials on what type of photo gear is the best and many others. It also has articles on business photography, sports photo tips and other classroom-type subjects.

3. Photographycourse

This website offers opportunities to learn digital photography for free in the form of lessons on aperture, resolution, camera basic settings and filters to name a few. It also talks about optics, layout and other fundamental photography lessons every photographer needs to know.

4. Webphotoschool

This website has some digital photography for free lessons to get you started. There are six free lessons on things like creative techniques, how to do indoor portraits, how to do location portraits and how to use darkroom umbrellas for controlling light. Each tutorial is a full lesson and the site adds different free ones periodically.