4 Unique Ideas for Christmas Photos

One of the most popular things to do during the holidays is to take Christmas photos. Whether it be point and shoot shots at a party or going to a professional for a holiday family portrait, it's something a lot of people do. Because it is so popular, you often see a lot of the same ideas over and over again. Here are 4 unique ideas to keep your photos from being called cliche. 

1. Be the Grinch

A lot of families send out photos of themselves in holiday cards with the dad usually dressed as Santa. Why not spin that idea and be the Grinch instead. Everyone knows the Grinch and seeing him on a family card is definitely unexpected and refreshing.

2. Dress the Kids as Santa

If you have little children, then most people automatically think they're cute on holiday cards. Most people put their kids on cards, so make yours stand out and dress them as Santa. But, don't stop with the red suits; go all the way with this and have them wear fake beards too. Nothing is as cute as a 4 year old in a fake beard.

3. Put a Twist on the Snowman

Everyone is familiar with Frosty the Snow Man. Why not spin it into Sandy the Sandman. If you live near a beach, you can use the snowman concept to make one out of sand. You don't need to live in a warm place to do this either, you just need to go to the beach. Of course, the draw back to this is you're going to make people think: this is only the beginning of winter and I already miss summer.

4. Have Fun with Photo Shop

Why not include your favorite Christmas characters like the Grinch, Rudolph and Frosty in your holiday photos. Take your family photo and add these characters to it in Photo Shop. Make your friends and family jealous that these popular icons came by your house instead of theirs. 

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